Faced with constant staff and budget cutbacks, schools districts across this country will find networked systems help reduce maintenance costs and improve resource efficiencies in comunications.

Communicate, quickly and effectively, with the community inside your buildings by using the AVISA MNEC System to integrate paging systems, digital siqnage, LED message boards, lights, strobes, etc. etc.


Heightened campus safety  concerns make integrated monitoring and controlling of building alarms and emergency notification systems a priority.

Communicate outdoors, across your campus, and even to remote sites such as athletic fields using high power speaker arrays and digital signage integrated and controlled by the AVISA MNEC System.


Now there is a simple solution for networking and monitoring multiple systems in multiple buildings in local or remote locations around the globe.

An AVISA MNEC System integrated with texting, Email, and reverse 911 systems can alert people who are off-campus, or in transit, helping to steer them out of harm's way.


AVISA will integrate your inbound communications from phones, Emergency Call Boxes, dormitory and classroom intercom stations to gather vital information, helping you to make informed decisions.


Today cities and towns must stretch every dollar. Sysnova IP Network Solutions can economically network and improve critical system security through the use of PC- based central command.

Monitoring alarms 24/7 enable better management and deployment of emergency resources, thereby avoiding unnecessary and costly interuptions of business processes.

Receive situation updates, communicate with other stations, and initiate local and campus-wide alerts and control from a Central Command, Local Building Stations and handheld devices with the AVISA MNEC Integrated Platform.